Richard L. Partington

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Richard Langtry Partington moved to Oakland from his native England in 1889, accompanied by his father, the artist J.H.E. Partington. The Partingtons founded a school of art in San Francisco that flourished until the 1906 earthquake. Both father and son excelled in watercolor and worked within the English tradition of realism. Richard was drawn to local subjects, recording scenes from everyday life. This makes his watercolors particularly valuable records in color of how the East Bay appeared in the late nineteenth century. His 1898 watercolor depicting El Cerrito creek was exhibited in the 2015 “Bright and Beautiful” exhibition of early California watercolors held at the St. Mary’s College Museum. In addition to being nostalgic reminders of California life in the nineteenth century, Partington’s watercolors are gentle interpretations of the visual world.