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Please check the appropriate boxes if you are particularly interested in any of the following artists.

American Artists

 Fortunato Arriola
 Albert Bierstadt
 Hiram Reynolds Bloomer
 Henry J. Breuer
 Samuel Marsden Brookes
 Albertus Del Orient Browere
 John George Brown
 Norton Bush
 John Greenleaf Cloudman
 William A. Coulter
 Gordon Coutts
 Edwin Deakin
 Carl Dahlgren
 Hippolyte Delanoy
 Gideon Jacques Denny
 Clarkson Dye
 Alfred V. Farnsworth
 John Gamble
 Percy Gray
 William Hahn
 Alexander Harmer
 Hermann Herzog
 John Henry Hill
 Thomas Hill
 Grace Carpenter Hudson
 Amédée Joullin
 Antonio Jacobsen


 Chris Jorgensen
 William Lees Judson
 William Keith
 John Ross Key
 Lorenzo P. Latimer
 William Marple
 Gilbert D. Munger
 Ernest Narjot
 C.P. Neilson
 Enoch Wood Perry
 Louis E. Rea
 Ferdinand Richardt
 Charles Dormon Robinson
 Frederick Schafer
 William P. Silva
 Adolph Schwartz
 John A. Stanton
 Meyer Straus
 Jules Tavernier
 Carl von Perbandt
 Juan B. Wandesforde
 Thaddeus Welch
 Lemuel Wiles
 Virgil Williams
 Jack Wisby
 Theodore Wores
 Raymond D. Yelland

European Artists

 A. Acevedo
 Hippolyte Delanoy
 Stanhope Forbes
 Gabriel Guay
 Anton Mauve
 Gustav Prucha
 Rafael Senet

Contemporary Artists

 Joshua Adam
 Ann Arnold
 Carol Peek

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