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John A. Stanton

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Artist's Biography

After completing a successful course of study at the California School of Design in 1881, John Stanton became a disciple of the flamboyant transplanted French artist, Jules Tavernier, accompanying this bon vivant to Bohemian Club encampments on the Russian River and becoming Vice-President under Tavernier at the Palette Club's founding in 1884.  Eventually, Stanton went to Paris for several years, returning in 1894 in time to become chairman of the art department at the Midwinter Fair held in Golden Gate Park.  Stanton became a leading instructor at the School of Design and its director in 1898-99 during Arthur Mathews' absence in Europe.  He was a versatile painter of portraits, peasant genre and landscapes, often choosing marine views for his subject matter.  In 1904, he exhibited a painting titled "The Gathering Storm" at the Bohemian Club December exhibition and in 1906 exhibited "The Storm" at the Mark Hopkins Institute's Spring Exhibition.  Like our painting, this work depicted breaking waves illuminated by moonlight and was praised by Laura Bride Powers, art critic of the San Francisco Call, "for the wonderful quality of the cold, moonlit water–the chill of the sea, choppy and sullen." 

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