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Granville Redmond

Artist's Biography

Granville Redmond became deaf from scarlet fever as a child and was taught to paint at the California School for the Deaf, then in Berkeley.  He continued his studies under Arthur Mathews at the California School of Design and won a scholarship to study in Paris in 1897.  In the first decade of this century he painted Laguna Beach and other Southern California subjects from his base in Los Angeles. He then moved to Northern California, living for a time in Monterey.  In 1910 he moved again to Menlo Park and maintained a studio in San Mateo.  He became an active member of the Bohemian Club, while also sending paintings to various exhibitions in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  In 1916 Redmond and his family moved to Belvedere in Marin County north of San Francisco, where they lived only until 1918 when they moved back to Los Angeles at the invitation of Charlie Chaplin who became a major buyer of Redmond’s works, while also providing the artist with a studio on his movie set. Redmond’s paintings depicting Mount Tamalpais and other Marin County subjects are extremely rare.  Our painting captures a blend of warm early summertime colors in the broader style that shows the influence of French Impressionism. Like most California landscapes painted in this “plein air” style, our work captures the essence of the scene depicted while it also projects the benign personality of the artist.



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