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Grace Carpenter Hudson

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Study of Trillium

Artist's Biography

Grace Carpenter Hudson was born in Potter Valley, Mendocino County in 1865 and immersed herself in the culture of the nearby Pomo Indians who were rapidly losing their identity under the influence of European culture.  As a teen-ager her talent for drawing led her to become a student at the California School of Design in San Francisco, where she won the Alvord Prize in her second year.  She studied landscape under Virgil Williams and figure painting with Oscar Kunath.  Upon her return to Mendocino County, Grace Hudson started painting Pomo Indian subjects and doing illustrations for periodicals like the Overland Monthly.  Her painting of an Indian papoose, "Little Mendocino" brought her national recognition when it was exhibited at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.  Many of her best works during the 1890s were jewel-like depictions of babies and children in miniature formats.  This informal rendition of California trillium was probably done as a study for use as a foreground detail in a painting depicting an Indian subject.  In her painting "Kol-ba" of 1900, the Medicine man appears to be wearing a wreath of trillium leaves and flowers.

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